Information on the approval of classification codes of firework bodies prior to carriage 

In Annexes of agreements in connection with carriage of dangerous goods, products (fireworks bodies) under the code  UN 0333, UN 0334, UN 0335, UN 0336, UN 0337 in Table "A" of Chapter 3.2,  specific regulations set under number 645 shall be complied with. 

645 The classification code as mentioned in column 3b of Table "A" of Chapter 3.2 shall be used only with the approval of competent authority of the Contractin Party to ADR prior to carriage. The approval shall be given in writing as a classification approval certificate (see sub-point g) of point, and shall be provided with a unique reference.  When assignment to a division is made in accordance with the procedure in, the competent authority may require the default classification to be verified on the basis of test data derived from Test Series 6 of the Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part I, Section 16.


According to point of ADR: Assignment of fireworks to UN Nos. 0333, 0334, 0335 and 0336 may be made on the basis of analogy, without the need for Test Series 6 testing, in accordance with the default fireworks classification Table in Such assignment shall be made with the agreement of the competent authority. 

The application for approval of classification codes of dangerous goods coded as UN 0333, UN 0334, UN 0335, UN 0336 and UN 0337 shall be submitted to the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ).

MBFSZ shall not approve it if its classification code has already been approved by any Contracting Party. 

The application shall consist of: 

  • name of applicant, address of premises;
  • name and address of person posting the products; 
  • name, address of independent domestic testing organization, and the classification upon data derived from tests of six test series; 
  • if classification is according to point of ADR, the expertise, address and identification number of the carriage safety adviser countersigning the classification; 
  • detailed reasons of the safety adviser on the statement of classification of fireworks bodies in attached table to the application. 

The application shall be accompanied by two copies of: 

  • list of products in Hungarian containing the UN number and classification code of products in addition to technical specifications;
  • The certificate of bank or installed terminals concerning transfer to bank account No. 10032000-01417179-00000000 of MBFSZ managed by the Hungarian State Treasury according to the fee of permitting coded as D03000 specified in point 4 of Annex 1 to Ministerial decree 78/2015 shall be attached to the application.

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