Distribution of liquid PB gases - Book page

Based on Ministerial decree 94/2003 on rules of distribution and authority supervision of liquid propane, butane gases and their mixtures in cylinders or vessels, the Mining Authority - in accordance with provisions of Act on mining - shall permit building, construction and installation of facilities for periodic supervising PB filling stations and vessels at filling stations, hydraulic testing and required repair works, provide technical safety supervision of installations and pursued activities therein as well as authority supervision of such installations as specified in separate legislation. The Mining Authority shall perform market supervision authority tasks referring to the distribution of PB gases, exept the retail of PB gases. 


  • For provisions for gas distributors, see Section 4,
  • For authority supervision and publicity of PB gas distribution, see Sections 5 and 6, 
  • For obligations referring to the information and protection of interests of consumers, see Section 8. 

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