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Based on Act CL of 2016 on general public administration regime: The Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (hereinafter referred to as: the Survey) acts exercising its competence within legislative and with intended purpose under the relevant applicable legislation in the course of its authority proceedings.

In exercising its competence the Survey acts

a) with respect to requirements of proficiency, simplicity, co-operation with clients and good faith,

b) complying with the requirements of equality before the law and equal treatment, without unjustified discrimination and impartiality,

c) within the deadline specified by law and in reasonable time.

The Survey may initiate proceeding ex officio in its competence exept proceedings at request, conduct any proceeding at request in case of existence of conditions laid down by the law. The Survey establishes the fact ex officio, defines the means and extent of proof as well as may review – within the statutory limits - its own decision and proceeding and decisions, proceedings of other authority under its supervision. The Survey in its authority function organizes its activities considering efficiency to cause the minimum expenses to all participants of the proceeding, and - without any harm to requirements for the clarification of facts, by using advanced technologies – close the proceeding the earliest possible. The client may make a declaration or a comment at any phase of the proceeding.

The Survey - in its authority function - ensures that

a) the client as well as

b) the witness, witness appointed by the authority, expert, interpreter, owner of the object to review and representative of the client (hereinafter together referred to as: other participant of the proceeding)

get to know their rights and obligations and is about to facilitate the exercise of client’s rights.

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