MBFSZ GeoBank – database of the Hungarian Geological Key Symbols and domestic boreholes
MBFSZ GeoBank contains data of boreholes drilled in Hungary as well as data and key symbols of geological units used in borehole database and on geological maps as well as separated in the course of documentation of field surveys and boreholes.

The database contains 270,000 records on boreholes. Each borehole has a unique identifier (FRS_ID). The national borehole registry of the Data Store of MBFSZ is also accessible in the database. 

Basic data

Master data of boreholes are also registered: sign, number of borehole, location (settlement), co-ordinates, year of drilling, bottom depth.

Other available supplementary information:

-    other co-ordinate applicable in other projection systems (WGS84, UTM33N, UTM34N),
-    identifier available in other data systems (MBFH Data Store, well cadaster),
-    classification of reliability of the record (unique, duplicate, uncertain co-ordinate, etc.).

The borehole location map of Hungary accessible on the web map server of MBFSZ is made up of such data.

Thematic data

The essential part of GeoBank is any data series to be assigned to the boreholes.

Currently available main themes:

-    borehole log: any number of logs can be stored per borehole to which the time, project and person implementing of re-assessment,
-    core data: detailed data of available cores (store, building, shelf, etc.),
-    as for shallow boreholes: grain distribution, geochemical data,
-    hydrogeological data series: hydrochemistry, organic material content, data of utilization, etc., 
-    data on raw materials.

Hungarian Geological Key Symbols

One of the keystones of the GeoBank is the table containing all geologic formations. This is the currently applying and uniform Hungarian Geological Key Symbols. 
This stores the name, index, age-related classification, facies, lithological description of each geologic formation as well as further data vital for professional work. Data of borehole logs also refer to the records of the Hungarian Geological Key Symbols. 


The GeoBank is bilingual: all data are available both in Hungarian and English. GeoBank has a query and an interface executable in a web browser. Results of queries are exportable to .xls format.


Only employees of MBFSZ have full access to the database. Others – following a registration process* – may use the database with limited access.

*The registration process is temporarily out of order. Users registered before can use GeoBank as usual.

The database is available here: 


At present, only the Hungarian Geological Key Symbols and master data of boreholes can be queried. 
Data beyond master data (sequence, groundwater table, core data, project information, etc.) are not accessible, not even following a registration process. Such data may be searched either in the Data Store of MBFSZ or the Library of MBFSZ.