Consent to the transfer of mining rights - Book page

Mining rights may be transferred for application. The transfer of rights obtained upon an authority permit shall require the consent of mining authority, while the transfer of concession shall need the consent of the responsible minister (Sections 6 and 18 of Bt.) 

Consents to the transfer of mining rights may only be granted if the transferee takes over all obligations on the transferor, moreover meets all conditions specified for the performance of activities. 

The application for transfer shall be submitted to Department of Mining of the competent Government Office (in case of the Government Office of Pest County, the Division of Mining Supervision) (hereinafter together referred to as: Department of Mining). Documents provided for in paragraphs (2) and (3) of Section 3 of Vhr. shall be attached. As for hydrocarbons, in proceedings for the transfer of mining rights the mining authority – beyond general requirements – shall examine those laid down in paragraph (10) of Section 22/A of Bt. 

Should mining rights cease to exist for any reason, the mining authority shall cancel the mining entrepreneur’s mining rights. 
The mining authority shall – subsequent to tendering – appoint the new entitled to mining rights for the mining plot, exept the case specified in paragraph (3) of Section 12 of Bt. (paragraph (6) of Section 26/A of Bt.) 

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