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The actual exploration may be performed with the technical operation plan approved by the Mining Authority. The application for approval of the technical operation plan for exploration shall and may be submitted to the Mining Authority within 6 months from the resolution granting the right for exploration becoming final. 
The exploration may be permitted for a 4-year period at most. Such period may be extended at most once – twice in case of geothermal energy and non-conventional hydrocarbons - by the half of the initial period for exploration. The permitted period for exploration shall be specified in the resolution approving the technical operation plan. Period permitted for exploration shall be counted from the day the resolution approving the technical operation plan becoming final. 
Technical operation plan for exploration shall comprise of a text part and plan maps specified in Ministerial decree 10/2010 on the issue of Mine Safety Regulations on scale and content of mine maps. 

Exploration sites shall be established as set in Section 7 of Vhr. 

The Mining Authority shall make a decision on the approval of technical operation plan for exploration in a resolution comprising of standpoints of the involved expert authorities as well as of competent authority for the excluded area in case of excluded areas specified in item 16 of Section 49 of Bt. In this resolution the scheduled period for exploration, special conditions for protection of mineral resources, safety and property are specified. 
Such resolution shall be communicated to the mining entrepreneur, the involved expert authorities and – in case of solid minerals – the owners (trustees, users) of real properties concerned by exploration facilities 
The mining entrepreneur shall be obliged to notify the competent Department for Mining and Division for Mining Supervision in writing of the scheduled date of commencement of exploration activities 8 days prior to it, as well as the termination of exploration within 8 days from the end of it. 
For the consideration of application for the approval of technical operation plan and its modification, an administrative service fee shall be paid pursuant to Ministerial decree 78/2015 on administrative service fees to be paid to the Mining Authority as well as detailed rules of payment of the supervision fee. 

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