Borehole core sample collection

1. Statutory provisions

Based on provision of point 6 of Section 8 of Government Decree No. 161/2017 on the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary, the Survey operates the borehole core sample collection. The collection has been part of the Data Store since 1 January of 2012. 
Management and registry of borehole core sample collection is regulated by order No. 3/2012 of the president of MBFH (one of the legal predecessors of MBFSZ). The core sample repositories are operated in co-operation with the Division of Geological Research. 

2. Core sample stock 

The core sample stock consists of core material of approx. 8,100 boreholes, preserved wholly or partly. Core samples are stored in 4 repositories (Szépvízér (Oroszlány), Pécs-Somogy, Rákóczibánya and Szolnok). (There is sample material of several thousands of boreholes managed by some exploration companies). 
Anyone interested may be informed of core samples managed in the state core sample collection at the Core Sample Repository Portal developed by the Division of Geological Research. The Portal facilitates performing queries of available samples on a core sample registry map, and also in the filtered GeoBank database containing those boreholes with preserved samples in a core repository. Moreover it provides opportunity for inspection of photos of core materials stored in core boxes, as well as submission of applications for core inspection. (The Portal requires registration.)

3. Request for core inspection

The request for core inspection (i.e. for studying, describing core material, and/or taking small samples from it) shall be submitted to the Data Store. This can be done either by filling the blanket on the Core Sample Repository Portal or the ’Core inspection request sheet’ downloadable from our website (or available in the Data Store). 

The following shall be indicated in the request sheet:

•    name, workplace and contacts of person requesting core inspection (hereinafter referred to as Applicant) 
•    name, workplace and contacts of other persons taking part in the core inspection, 
•    goal of core inspection (studying, describing and/or taking samples), 
•    identifiers of boreholes required to study or describe, depth interval of requested borehole section(s); sample identifiers in case of field and other samples, 
•    for core sections required to be sampled, beside identifiers of the borehole also depth interval, as well as goal of sampling, planned number of samples, types of planned analyses, and the requested quantity of material for the analyses, 
•    proposed date of core inspection, and planned duration of the work (time needs in working hours, or in working days). 

The Applicant shall declare on the ’Core inspection request sheet’ that he has got acquainted with, takes note of, and consider relevant provisions of Direction No. 3/2012 of the President of MBFH on regulating the operation of the core sample collection, moreover undertakes to 

•    hand over a copy of report, or document with results of testing of material to the Data Store in case of taking samples; 
•    consider the obligation for quoting in case of completion of publication with results of core inspection. 

The head of Division of Data Store of MBFSZ shall make decision on permitting core inspection based on the standpoint of the Division of Geological Research. (Core inspection or taking samples is not permitted if the condition, volume of sample material or its unique scientific value makes it impossible.) In case of permitting core inspection, the Data Store sends a price quotation to the Applicant and – subsequent to approval– it organizes the core inspection for time agreed in advance. In favour of successful completion of the core inspection and identification of core samples the Data Store shall submit the concise description of rock sequence in electronic format (if found in the document stock) to the Applicant. 

Inspection of core samples managed by MBFSZ may be realized between 1 March and 31 October (any deviation is only possible in justified cases by having the individual permit from the president of MBFSZ). Occasionally an external participant (forklift operator) is needed for the implementation of core inspection, so you are asked to submit the request sheet to the Data Store at least two weeks before the core inspection. 
(The information is incomplete. As for further prescriptions for core inspection – e.g. regulation of taking samples – as well as regulations of enrichment of collection, and receipt, storage, management, registry and scrapping of sample materials, see the above-mentioned Direction No. 3/2012 of the president of MBFH).
Data service fees concerning the inspection, describing, or sampling of core samples shall be paid according to the applicable tariffs of the Data Store (see points 4. and 5. of Annex 1 to the Direction No. 2/2017 of the president of MBFSZ). In certain cases – e.g. for university and PhD. students – the president of MBFSZ may allow reduction or remission of data service fee for fairness reasons. 
The request for inspection of core samples managed by other companies shall also be submitted to the Data Store of MBFSZ. There is no formula for this but, logically, identifying data of borehole(s) to be inspected, as well as – if known – the depth interval of requested borehole section(s) shall be indicated in the application in this case also. The Data Store checks the availability of core samples with the company managing the samples, then it sends the price quotation referring to the core inspection to the applicant. In case of approval, the applicant and the representative of company managing the samples agree on the date of inspection. 

4. Contacts

Contact persons:

Anett VARGA desk officer in charge of data store affairs
Tel.: (+36-1) 373-1848

Judit OROSZ desk officer in charge of data store affairs
Tel.: (+36-1) 373-1845