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Based on Section 8/G of Vhr.:
(1) The summarizing geological report on outcomes of geologic exploration shall be countersigned by an expert at geology. 
(2) The summarizing geological report shall contain: 
    a) name of organization entitled to geologic exploration and number of resolution on permit for exploration, 
    b) specific objective of geologic exploration and name of contractors, 
    c) description of geologic build-up of the geologic exploration site and integration into cross-border geologic and hydrogeologic units, 
    d) performed surface and subsurface explorations, and their methods, 
    e) according to the intended purpose of geologic exploration, mineral-petrologic, geomechanic, geotechnical, geochemical, sedimentological, stratigraphic, tectonic, hydrogeologic, geomicrobiological, geophysical and radiometric characteristics of the explored geologic formation, 
    f) complex geological evolution of the explored geospace, 
    g) description of data, outcomes of earlier and present exploration, 
    h) summary and evaluation of exploration outcomes corresponding to the objective of exploration, 
    i) list of reference literature providing the author, year of publication, title and – in case of issue and manuscript – place of occurrence.
(3) The following shall be attached to the summarizing geological report:  
    a) basic data of geologic exploration, 
        aa) data of exploration installations recorded in space (x, y, z co-ordinates) and time (initial and end date of completion), 
        ab) according to the objective of geologic exploration, documentation of geophysical basic and interpreted measurements, and data of examinations pursuant to item e) of paragraph (2), 
        ac) documentation of material test results, definitely corresponding sampling method, date to exploration facilities and sampling points, and name of laboratories and specialized institution carrying out different tests, 
    b) comparative data used for evaluation, and their place of origin, a 
    c) review and topographic maps of the exploration site with the exploration facilities, geologic maps and maps made upon examinations according to item e) of paragraph (2) of the exploration site in accordance with the content of report, as well as cross-sections, charts and photo documentation facilitating interpretation,  
    d) separate – within the frame of geologic exploration – special materials and expert’s reports. 
(4) Performers of geologic exploration shall complete the description of applied technical devices and methods so that tests can be reproduced. 
(5) The mining authority shall approve summarizing geological report if it agrees with evaluation according to item h) of paragraph (2). 

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