Hydrogeological Data Store

According to the KvVM 101/2007. (XII.23) ministerial decree, since 2017 July 1, the Department of Hydrogeology of Hungarian Mining and Geological Service is responsible to issue Hydrogeological log-book of new wells, to maintain the National Well Cadastre and to operate the National Hydrogeological Data Store.

The documentation of drilled wells, the “Hydrological log-book” is still made according to order and data report.  The content and formal requirements of the “Hydrogeological log-book” is published in the KvVM 101/2007. (XII.23) ministerial decree on “Professional and technical requirements of the intervention into subsurface water supply and of water well drilling” and in the MSZ15298 water resource standard on “Content and formal requirements of Hydrogeological log-book”.

The Cadaster of Hungarian drilled wells (Volume 37-39) and the Cadastre of Hungarian thermal water wells (2015-2017) an be downloaded from the links below.


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