Earthquake Hazard – Engineering Geophysical mapping

The purpose of the project is to complete subsoil classification maps based on Eurocode 8 standard and to provide methodological background for this task.

In case of earthquakes ground shaking is largely depends on local geologic conditions mainly on deposition of loose sediments in addition to earthquake source characteristics and regional damping. The average shear wave velocity to a depth of 30 m (VS,30) of geologic formation of the investigated site is used in recent seismic codes to incorporate earthquake amplification caused by the local geological structure.

The project activity includes continuous development of measurement and mapping methodology applied for site classification based on VS,30 parameter, and constructing such site condition maps for densely populated areas. Essential goal of the project is to provide professional engineering geophysical background for application of Eurocode 8 in Hungary. Our recent activity is focusing on constructing site condition map of Budapest using data from in situ surface wave measurements and geodatabase originating from the digitized version of the large scale engineering geologic map series of Budapest.

In 2018 constructing of a shear wave velocity database of near surface profiles for Pest side is intended. The basement of this database includes the shear wave velocity profiles obtaining by reprocessing of previous surface wave measurements and digitized version of engineering geological condition maps for different depth ranges.

Project leaderPéter Tildy
Phone: +36 1 920 2322