Multi-Electrode Resistivity and Induced Polarization Surveys

We recommend multi-electrode surveys for water prospecting and environmental purposes, for exploration of aggregates and for solution of geotechnical exploration tasks in the upper 0–50 m depth domain. Based on the measurements the material content and structure of the investigated section can be determined.

– Syscal Junior
– AGI SS-8

– demarcation of surface water bodies or water catchment zones
– water management and dirt protection
– exploring sand, clay and pebbles
– demarcating stable and loose soil types for geotechnical purposes
– pollution delineation, remediation of emergency, monitoring

– 2D or 3D Apparent resistivity and/or chargeability sections and maps along blocks
– presentation of data and results in 2-3-4 D

Result of measurements: apparent resistivity sections

– Mátrai Erőmű Zrt.
– Mecsekérc Zrt.
– Bányavagyon-hasznosító Kht.


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