Geothermal Energy Overview

Within the frame of the project 10 researcher of the Hungarian Geological and Geophysical Institute (MFGI) intend to participate the „GEOTHERMAL ENERGY OVERVIEW” short course announced by the UNU Geothermal Training Programme Orkustofnun - National Energy Authority with the financial aid of RENEWABLE ENERGY PROGRAMME Sub-programme2 of the Norway Grants. 

Project ID: HU-0016-C1-2014 
Project title: Participation in Geothermal Energy Overview Short Course 
Project duration: 01/06/2016 - 30/11/2016
Grant rate: 100% 
Total budget: € 29,933

Participants of the short course are researchers employed by the Hungarian Geological and Geophysical Institute, all of them interested in the utilization of geothermal heat and in the usage of alternative and sustainable energy. The researchers participated several national and international projects related to this topic. During the short course they will be introduced to applied technologies, alternative solutions less known in Hungary, there will be an opportunity to exchange experiences, to unfold difficulties and problems, furthermore to discuss solution possibilities. During the project a stronger cooperation and professional relationship can form between Hungary and the donor state Iceland, moreover the parties concerned can built on the new experiences gained the program in their further professional works. Based on the reports and presentations of participants a wider segment of the national professional sector can learn the results of experiences, the introduced technologies and methods gained in Iceland.
Realization of the project

Between 11/10/2016 and 14/10/2016 11 employee of the MFGI participated on the short course, where they have the following programs:
During the first part of their stay, they had been introduced to geothermal energy source and systems, advantage and sustainability of gethermal energy usage, phases of geothermal exploration and development, usage and development of geothermal resources, and environmental considerations.

During the second half of their stay, the participants visited geothermal energy developments and geothermal phenomenon, for example:
Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant,  Experimental greenhouses of Hverargerdi Geothermal Power Plant, the  Geothermal field of Thingvellir National Park, or the early use of geothermal energy in Reykjavik

Presentations within the frame of the project:

Day of presentations
On 17/11/2016, in the Institute, participants of the course  informed their collegues about their experiences on Geothermy of Izland and the knowledge learned on the short course. 

Nóra Edit Gál: A HU03-0016-C1-2014; Részvétel a "Geotermikus energia helyzetének áttekintése" rövid kurzuson
Ágnes Gulyás: Geotermikus (és vízi) erőművek Izlandon.
László Merényi: A geotermikus energia-hasznosítás jelene és jövője a világban, Izlandon és Magyarországon
Pál Selmeczi: A geotermikus energia turisztikai célú hasznosítása Izlandon
Tamás Kerékgyártó: Az izlandi geotermikus rövidkurzus tapasztalatai

Further presentations:

Forum of Ph.D. students 2016:
Tamás Kerékgyártó: Az izlandi geotermikus rövidkurzus tapasztalatai


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