Geothermal Energy Overview

Participation in Geothermal Energy Overview Short Course - additional project. The planned additional activities comprise 5 thematic WP-s, which all contribute to the objectives of the Renewable Energy (HU03) programme.

Work packages:

  • Preparation of a study for a pilot area near Vecsés with existing heat market demand that is potentially suitable for a future geothermal district heating project. The study aims to demonstrate how geological and geophysical methods (2-3 D seismics) and integrated geological and hydrogeological models can increase the success rate of a first doublet (i.e. to reduce the risks of geological exploration). The results contribute to a well-established site selection of a future geothermal district heating plant.
  • Collection and analyses of new water and scale precipitation samples from the region of already existing geothermal district and cascade town heating systems (Hódmezővásárhely, Kistelek, Mezőberény) and their wider surroundings on the Great Hungarian Plain. The planned hydrochemical-, gas- and noble gas-, and isotope analyses, as well as the mineralogical investigations of the scale precipitations will provide an increased knowledge about the hydrochemical properties of the thermal waters widely used for geothermal district heating in this region and thus contribute to eliminate /handle operational problems (scaling, corrosion, etc.) on a long term. New analytical results will form the basis of an integrated hydrogeochemical assessment.
  • Verification, complement and update of the national geothermal database, which was compiled in 2014 by the integration of fragmented datasets and data-tables existing at various organizations at that time. During the content-related assessment contradictory data deriving from different sources will be eliminated and corrected. Harmonized data will be uploaded to the national borehole database of the Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (GeoBank).
  • Participation at conferences: „European Geosciences Union 2017 General Assembly (Vienna, 2017 April 23-27) (10 people), and at the „International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral and Thermal Waters (MinWat 2017) (Portugal, 2017 March 26-31) (5 people). Both conferences have strong thematic links to utilization of geothermal energy and thermal waters. 
  • Order of altogether 11 recently published international scientific handbooks in the field of geothermal energy and hydrogeochemistry of thermal waters.

Project ID: HU03-0016-C1-2014 
Project title: Participation in Geothermal Energy Overview Short Course 
Project duration: 20/02/2017 - 30/04/2017
Grant rate: 100% 
Total budget: € 141 705,17