The first Progress Meeting of the ORAMA project was held in the MBFSZ

2018 Jun. 4.

The Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary organized the 1st  Progress Meeting of the ORAMA Project ( on May 16-17 in Budapest. The total budget of ORAMA 1,731,230 € in which 16 consortium partners from 14 countries work together on optimizing quality of information in raw material data collection across Europe. The project is led by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK).

The main goals of the project are the preparation of recommendations for modernization of data services for both primary (PRM) and secondary (SRM) resources, as well as the demonstration of the applicability of harmonization. With related trainings and seminars the project contribution is important to the appropriate EU-level  data service supporting the industry and decision makers.

Working groups could wor discussed the recent results and the next steps on the first day. MBFSZ is active in each workpackages. The preparations of the data harmonization guidelines for both the primary raw materials (mainly metalloferous ores, aggregates and industrial minerals: WP1) and for secondary raw materilas (different types of wastes including mining heaps and tailings: WP2) has been established. WP3 deals with the preparation of the data modell and the INSPIRE compliant data service with the demonstration of the applicability of dataharmnization for both PRM and SRM. Discussion on details for organizing forums, trainings and seminars has started in WP4. WP5 supports other WPs with the collection of relevant projects and forums that may be considered in the preparation of the the recommendations. WP6 (in which MBFSZ is a task leader)  is dealing the communication and dissemination. 

After the meeting a fieldtrip was organized in the Buda Hills. In the Mátyás-hill cave a gravitational observational system operated by MBFSZ was introduced while in the Pál-völgy cave a guided tour was organized. The team had also opportunity to have a short walk on the Hármashatár Hills and continue discussion on project topics.