MINLAND project – Mineral Resources in Sustainable Land-Use Planning

The MINLAND project has been designed to meet challenges concerning competing land-use planning related to different land-use interests.

Competition about use of land is fierce within Europe. Currently, the need for metals, construction raw materials and industrial minerals is increasing. There is a large need for access to land for exploration and extraction of mineral raw materials, including critical raw materials. MINLAND aims to secure access to land, with actual or potentially valuable resources, for exploration and extraction of minerals, in an integrated and optimised process, within the EU.
The EU has recognised the need for shared guidelines about harmonised land use and the need for mineral policy strategies within Europe. 

The MINLAND project pursue three main objectives:

  • to produce a data base of existing policies,
  • to provide guidelines on how to link land use and mineral policies,
  • to analyze land use case studies of mineral exploration and extraction with respect to mineral- and land-use policies. 

The aim is to support a more efficient and sustainable permitting process by providing best practice examples and to ensure knowledge exchange among relevant stakeholders. 

The core of MINLAND consortium builds upon the participation of European geological surveys represented by partners and third parties under the umbrella organization EGS. The consortium, coordinated by the Geological Survey of Sweden builds upon participation from all over Europe. 
Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ) as third pary takes part in work of  WP2 – Policies and Practices and work of WP7 – Land Use Planning Network And Clustering.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776679.

Project ID H2020-SC5-15-2016-17

The total budget is EUR 1,498,691.25

Duration 2017. december 1  – 2019. november 1

List of partners and more information can be found on the MINLAND website, Twitter and Facebook.

Contact: Horváth Zoltán PhD  Department of Mineral Resources Management and Concession Affairs
E-mail: horvath.zoltan@mbfsz.gov.hu