ORAMA workshop at the European Comission's Common Research Center

2019 Aug. 13.

In order to secure widespread dissemination of the best practices, the European Union’s Horizon 2020 funded ORAMA (Optimising quality of information in RAw MAterials data collection across Europe) project gives training for those engaged in collecting and providing these data.

Fifty-five attendees from different sectors and institutions participated in the workshop hosted by the ORAMA consortium within the JRC facilities in Ispra, Italy, on 13th June. The workshop focused on sharing the outcomes reached in the project so far and the associated training. The training material, including presentations, reports and practical exercises) can be downloaded from the website of the project: https://orama-h2020.eu/orama-jrc-rmis-joint-workshop-on-data-optimization-for-primary-secondary-raw-materials-ispra-italy-12-13-june-2019/

Concerning primary minerals, there were examples of how data harmonization could be achieved by taking into account international mineral classification and reporting standards (Western European: British, Central European: Hungarian, Scandinavian: Norwegian).

In the case of secondary raw materials, examples were given of INSPIRE based data collection and handling options for electronic waste, automotive waste, mining waste.

During the morning session, the emphasis was on the collection, presentation and use of raw material data within a dedicated network in the EU (view programme). In the afternoon, parallel primary and secondary raw material training sessions introducing the detailed results and guidance for data were held. Also ORAMA stakeholders had the opportunity to present their own results during a lunch time poster session.

The project also creates a system that allows the transfer of information stored at Member State level to the Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), hosted by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The ORAMA project is now working on disseminating its results. A series of webinars will take place in the autumn of 2019, and the ORAMA Final Event will be arranged in Brussels during the Raw Materials Week, on 22nd November 2019. Information on these events will be added to the ORAMA website – everyone interested is warmly welcomed!