Meeting of Young Geoscientists

2018 Apr. 12.

The Junior Board of the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists  and the Youth Foundation of the Hungarian Geological Society organized the annual Meeting of Young Geoscientists for geoscientists under 35, working in various fields of Geology and Geophysics. MBFSZ was represented by two presentations in the event:

Bereczki, László; Markos, Gábor; Musitz, Balázs; Maros Gyula: New results of the Mid-Hungarian Tectonics Zone based on seismic surveys 
Kerékgyártó, Tamás; Gál, Nóra; Szőcs, Teodóra: Water-rock-gas interactions in geothermal systems at the Great Hungarian Plain

A technical jury evaluated the presented scientific works and their results. On behalf of MBFSZ two collegues participated in the work of the jury: Zsuzsanna Plank ( in the field of Geophysics), Kálmán Török (in the field of Geology). The prize of MBFSZ was given to Zsóka Szabó (Student of ELTE) for the presentation titled: "How to use sensitivity and loadability assessment reports for groundwater flow system evaluation?" . The student's sicetific supervisor was Judit Mádl-Szőnyi.

Congratulation to all presenters and their supervisors!