Shallow drilling services

Shallow drillings and analysis of the gained soil/groundwater samples support to describe environmental conditions of land properties, surroundings of real estates. This provides a professional help for investments, change of land uses.

It is essential to get more information of the near-surface geological settings by various environmental and other shallow-depth geological explorations. The most simple and at the same time most precise investigation of loose sediments (like clay, sand, gravel) can be fulfilled by shallow drillings.

We are partners to solve problems, as follows:

  • Designation of shallow drillings based on professional considerations. Planning and implementation of the drillings.
  • Accredited groundwater and soil sampling, according to the needs of the customer.
  • Professional macroscopic description of the soil samples.
  • Sedimentological and geochemical labor analysis of the samples.
  • Based on the on-field and analytical results, environmental description of the investigated area.
  • Producing a basic geological model of the investigated area (using geophysical results, too, if such available).

Tools which help to fulfill the tasks mentioned above: (1) motor drill ‘Borro’ providing spiral drilling technology and depth-right soil sampling, (2) motor drill ‘Cobra’ for undisturbed soil sampling. Maximum depth of soil sampling: 10 m (it depends on the features of the soil, loose sediments), (3) auger by Eijkelkamp, providing 2-6 m deep exploration, according to the conditions of the soil, sediments.

The shallow drillings mainly support investigation of soil and groundwater conditions, based on the appropriate number of samples and analysis. We offer this method to customers, who want to know more of environmental conditions of lands are planned to be bought or just want to use their properties properly. This way this exploration method can be very useful for municipalities, enterprises, individuals, in case of property development, investments, purchase, or modification of land use.

Project leader: Tamás Müller
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