Current mining concession tenders

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology (in Hungarian: Innovációs és Technológiai Minisztérium) is the successor to Ministry for National Development (in Hungarian: Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium). In the text of the issued invitations to tender the Ministry for National Development (in Hungarian: Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium) and the Minister for National Development are referring to the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Minister for Innovation and Technology, respectively.



The Minister for National Development has published invitations to tender for the exploration, development and exploitation of hydrocarbon in areas named Békéscsaba, Dráva, Körösladány, Szeged-Délkelet, Tard, Tiszafüred, Tiszatarján, Újszilvás and Zalaerdőd, as well as for the exploration and exploitation of geothermal energy in areas called Gádoros and Nagykanizsa-Nyugat. 


The invitations can be accessed in the Official Journal of the European Union as follows:




Issue C217 (2018/C217/04) (21.06.2018.) 



Issue C217 (2018/C217/05) (21.06.2018.)



Issue C217 (2018/C217/07) (21.06.2018.)



Issue C217 (2018/C217/09) (21.06.2018.)



Issue C218 (2018/C218/07) (22.06.2018.)



Issue C218 (2018/C218/08) (22.06.2018.)



Issue C218 (2018/C218/09) (22.06.2018.)



Issue C218 (2018/C218/10) (22.06.2018.)



Issue C218 (2018/C218/11) (22.06.2018.)





Issue C217 (2018/C217/06) (21.06.2018.)



Issue C217 (2018/C217/08) (21.06.2018.)


1.    Coordinates of areas published in the invitations to tender (with reference to point 4. of invitations)


Békéscsaba pdf xls
Dráva pdf xls
Körösladány pdf xls
Szeged-Délkelet pdf xls
Tard pdf xls
Tiszafüred pdf xls
Tiszatarján pdf xls
Újszilvás pdf xls
Zalaerdőd pdf xls
Gádoros pdf xls
Nagykanizsa-Nyugat pdf xls


2.    Purchase of Tender Document, transfer of purchase price and method of receipt (with reference to points 10. and 11. of invitations) 

Purchasing the Tender Document is a precondition for taking part in the tendering process. The Tender Document may be collected – after an appointment scheduling call (+36-1-3012902 or +36-1-3731841 or +36-1-2524999/144 or +36-1-2524999/146) – at the Customer Service Office of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (Columbus utca 17-23, 1145 Budapest, Hungary. Phone: +36 13012900) on workdays between 8.00 and 14.00 up until the day before the submission deadline, on presentation of adequate documentary proof that the purchase price for the Tender Document has been paid. When purchasing the Tender Document, for the purposes of being contacted and receiving communications the purchaser must also submit a Concession Bidder Identification Sheet, which can be downloaded below:


The reference codes required by the Concession Bidder Identification Sheets are as follows:


Békéscsaba BECHDV
Körösladány KOCHDV
Szeged-Délkelet SZCHDV
Tiszafüred TFCHDV
Tiszatarján TTCHDV
Újszilvás UJCHDV
Zalaerdőd ZACHDV
Gádoros  GAGTDV
Nagykanizsa-Nyugat NAGTDV


For further information you may call:


3.    The deadline for and place of submitting the tenders (with reference to point 13. of invitations)
The tenders may exclusively be submitted personally at the Customer Service Office of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ) (1145 Budapest, Columbus utca 17-23.), in Hungarian language.

Date of submitting of tenders for each area

Békéscsaba 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Dráva 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Körösladány 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Szeged-Délkelet 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Tard 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Tiszafüred 26th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Tiszatarján 27th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Újszilvás 27th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Zalaerdőd 27th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Gádoros 27th September 2018
10-12 a.m.
Nagykanizsa-Nyugat 27th September 2018
10-12 a.m.



4.    Access to available geological data

Available geological data may be requested from the State Geological, Geophysical and Mining Data Store. Address: 1145 Budapest, Columbus utca 17-23., phone: +36-1-373-1842, opening hours: 09.00 a.m. to 02.00 p.m. on workdays. Fixing a preliminary date is highly recommended.