Closed Areas

Area delineated for exploration, development and exploitation of definite mineral resources which may be designated for a concession tender. Areas with mining rights have to be considered as closed areas as well as for given mineral resource during the the period of entitlement. 
As for geothermal energy, the section of Earth’ crust in depth of 2,500 metres from the ground is considered as closed area throughout the country. 
(laid down by point 24 of Section 49 of Act XLVIII of 1993; 
valid from 23 February, 2010) 

Notice by the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology on designation of closed areas was published in Issue 59 of the Official Notices, on 30 November 2016. 
1.  Based upon paragraph (5) of Section 50 of Act XLVIII of 1993, he Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology shall classify the whole area of Hungary as closed concerning 

      a)  hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, coal-bed methane and ores (excluding bauxite) 
      b)  coals and bauxite – exept the extension of mining plots at most twice by 25% of the original size considering small and medium-sized enterprises specified in Section 3 of Act XXXIV of 2004 on small and medium-sized enterprises and development. 

2.  Notices of MBFH on designation of closed areas in Issue 91 of 2010 as well as in Issue 41 of 2011 shall cease to apply from the date of publication of the present notice. 

3.  The present notice shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Notices. 

4.  Mining rights acquired prior to the publication of the present notice and ongoing proceedings related to acquiring of mining rights on day of publication shall not be concerned by the present notice.