Research projects

Physics of Near Earth Space

In the context of space research our primary goal is to study Sun-Earth physical interactions, relations between the variation of...

Geomagnetic monitoring network

2018 Mar. 14.
In many countries the monitoring of the spatial and temporal variation of the magnetic field is carried out via geomagnetic...

Geochemical Survey Database of Hungary

2018 Feb. 7.
The mission of the project is to assess the geochemical state of the near-surface environment of Hungary through the revision...

Earthquake Hazard – Engineering Geophysical mapping

2018 Feb. 6.
The purpose of the project is to complete subsoil classification maps based on Eurocode 8 standard and to provide methodological...

Complex paleontological studies

2018 Feb. 2.
A projekt célja az őslénytani gyűjteményekhez kapcsolódó tudományos kutatás .