Organizational annual reports of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary in 2017

2018 Mar. 19.

The meeting concerning the annual reports of organizational units of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary on the completed activities in 2017 was held between 21 – 23 February 2018.  For that purpose, on 21 February the Divisions of the Unit for Research presented research and field activities, outcomes of the given areas in the assembly hall of the Survey. On 22 and 23 February the Divisions of the Units for Economic Affairs as well as Natural Resources gave an account of all authority, registration and administration tasks and duties as well as research activities in the conference room of the Survey.

Colleagues might gain deeper insight into various special fields, completed and ongoing projects as well as had the opportunity to put questions to the involved. Colleagues from all units actively participated in all three occassions supporting other colleagues in their work by asking questions and possibly raising issues.