Geophysical surveys

2018 Mar. 12.

Planning seismic and other geophysical surveys, licensing, 2D and 3D seismic measurements, data processing utilizing ProMAX softvare package, as well as complex geophysical-geological interpretation using LandMark system.


Highlighted tasks of the Division of Applied Geophysics are the seismic survey design, licensing, 2D and/or 3D field measurements, seismic data processing utilizing ProMAX software system, as well as complex geophysical-geological interpretation on LandMark system.

One of our most successful seismic explorations, near by the town of Győr, was accomplished for Pannergy Plc. with the purpose of geothermal energy utilization. In the first phase of the investigations, the available archive 2D seismic data was reprocessed and interpreted. Then we extended the earlier data with new 2D profiles. Finally a local-scale 3D survey, data processing, and a complex geological-structural interpretation were completed to pick up promising borehole locations.