Downhole and crosshole measurements

2018 Mar. 12.

The goal of the measurements is to obtain near surface (0-150 m) velocity information. They can be performed between the surface and a hole (downhole) or between two holes (crosshole).

We undertake the logging and data processing in cooperation with the Geo-Log Ltd.

In case of a downhole measurement the source is located on the surface and the receivers are in the hole in an equal distance from each other. In the course of a crosshole survey, both the sources and the receivers are located in holes. They are moving step by step in the vertical direction (along the holes) with identical intervals. If more wells are available, the source is located in one of them and the receivers are in the others so larger vicinity can be investigated.


- Downhole measurement at Kopaszi-dam, Budapest with the aim of planning a building ground

- Crosshole measurements for the Paks II. project